Theatre performance PROJECT: HOME(LAND)

Theatre Curriculum Vitae, Gimnazija Šentvid

2018/2019; lenght: 45′

»The refugees are coming!« A shout full of panic echoes and spreads like a fire. The homeland is in danger. We need to protect ourselves. We need to take action and chase away these newcomers who aren’t welcome anywhere, these refugees, before they take our jobs, apartments, pensions, child benefits, children and our remaining will to live (what’s left of it). Really, nobody wants them here. We need to somehow forget about our conscience and the fact that they are just people too. That they lost their homeland. And realise that they are just looking for a home. Slovenia. It was the year 2019.


Lyrics author: Nives Žlof Androjna

Song author: Muhammad Hazrate

Playing: Tim Delač Hrovatin, Lan Žvelc, Jap Eržen, Neža Kokalj, Ana Marija Šturm, Muhammad Hazrate

Video: Boštjan Anžin

Sound, Sound effects and lights design: Oskar Mlakar

Direction and theatre counselling: Katarina Košir

Mentor: Jana Ratkai