Admission free to all events except the Ljubljana screening of Love, Deutschemarks and Death , No Dogs or Italians Allowed and Obscure Night – Wild Leaves (The Burning Ones, the Obstinate) / Nuit obscure – Feuillets sauvages (Les brûlants, les obstinés)



Pre-festival events

Wednesday, June 14th 2023,

17.00 AGRFT*

Trieste Shines at Night / Trieste é bella di notte, Andrea Segre, Stefano Collizzolli, Matteo Calore, Italy, 2023, documentary, 77’, English subtitles

Discussion about violent borders and illegal pushbacks with the initiator of the film Trieste Shines at Night and representative of Italian Consortium of Solidarity Gianfranco Schiavone, the representative of UNHCR Regional Office for Central Europe Helena Behr and the representative of Ambasada Rog, Miha Blažič – N’toko

The event is part of the Kinofilm cycle organized by AGRFT. Mandatory registration by 13 June at

In collaboration with AGRFT and  UNHCR Regional Office for Central Europe.

* AGRFT Hall on Aškerčeva 5.


Thursday, June 15th 2023

21.30 Kinodvor (Kinodvorišče, open-air cinema)

Love, Deutschemarks and Death / Aşk, Mark ve Ölüm, Cem Kaya, Germany, 2022, documentary, 98’, Slovene subtitles

In collaboration with the Festival Druga godba and Kinodvor.

* Tickets for sale at Kinodovor.


Monday, June 19th 2023

Opening night

18.30 Kinodvor

Not Go Gentle, Sasha Ihnatovich, Slovenia, 2022, short documentary,  5”, Slovene subtitles

Silence Heard Loud / Najglosniej slychac milczenie, Anna Konik, Poland, 2022, documentary, 71’, Slovene subtitles

Q & A with the director of the film Anna Konik

Catering with snacks.


Tuesday, June 20th 2023

16.30 Kinodvor Small Hall 

Young Belarus / Młoda Białoruś, Łukasz Ruciński, Patryk Szczepaniak, Poland, 2022, documentary, 53′, Slovene subtitles


17.30 Slovenian Cinematheque

Podlasie: The edge of the worlds / Podlasie: Granica światów, Katarzyna Lazzeri, Poland, 2021, reportage, 23′, Slovene subtitles

Border | Humanity / Confine | Umanità, Sara Del Dot, Italy, Slovenia, 2021, short documentary, 33’, Slovene subtitles

Discussion Criminalization of Solidarity with Sara Del Dot, director of the movie Border | Humanity, Katja Utroša, the representative of Infokolpa and Metka Naglič, Amnesty International Slovenija


20.00 Slovene Philanthropy*

Parsley and nana, pre-film dinner. Mandatory registration by 14th June at


 21.30 Slovene Philanthropy – open air cinema*

Once war is over /  A guerra finita, Simone Massi, Italy, 2022, short animation, 5’, Slovene subtitles

Rawa, Camille Toulmé, France, Lebanon, 2021, short documentary, 12’, Slovene subtitles

Autumn, Sofia Gutman, France, 2020, short animation, 2’, Slovene subtitles

Uprooted / Déracinées, Olga Prud’homme Farges, France, 2021, documentary, 11′, Slovene subtitles

Serigne, Rodrigo Hernandez Tejero, Edu Marin, Adriana Cardoso Navarro, Spain, Mexico, 2023, documentary, 27’, Slovene subtitles

* Cesta Dolomitskega odreda 11


Wednesday, June 21st 2023

17.00 Kinodvor

No Dogs or Italians Allowed / Interdit aux Chiens et aux Italiens, Alain Ughetto, France, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal, 2022, animation, 70’, Slovene subtitles

* Tickets for sale at Kinodovor.


18.30 Slovenian Cinematheque

The Illusion of Abundance, Erika Gonzalez Ramirez, Matthieu Lietaert, Belgium, 2022, documentary, 61′, Slovene subtitles

Discussion Corporations Need to be Held Accountable for Human Rights Violations and Environmental Destruction with dr. Lana Zdravković, The Peace Institute and Aljoša Petek, PIC – Legal Center for the Protection of Human Rights and the Environment

In collaboration with Focus, Association for Sustainable Development. The event is part of the project Our Food.Our Future and is organized with the financial support of the European Union and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Its contents are the sole responsibility of the organizers of the event and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.


21.00 Slovenian Cinematheque

Go, friend, go, Gabriele Licchelli, Francesco Lorusso, Andrea Settembrini, Italy, Germany, UK, 2022, documentary, 68’, Slovene subtitles

Q & A with directors of the film


Thursday, June 22th 2023

17.00 Pritličje

To Marharyta, Luksuz production, Slovenia, 2022, short video essay, 4’, Slovene subtitles

Tempo Home, Kamil Bembnista, Poland, 2022, documentary, 20′, Slovene subtitles

Not Go Gentle, Sasha Ihnatovich, Slovenia, 2022, short documentary,  5’, Slovene subtitles

Umar, Francesco Cibati, Italy, 2021, short documentary, 15’, Slovene subtitles

Q & A with Sasha Ihnatovich, director of the film Not Go Gentle and Francesco Cibati, director of the film Umar


18.00 Slovenian Cinematheque

Fati’s choice / Le choix de Fati, Fatimah Dadzie, Ghana, South Africa, 2021, documentary, 41’, Slovene subtitles

Escape / Les échappées, Katia Jarjoura, Lebanon, 2022, documentary, 77’, Slovene subtitles

Discussion about women in migration, with Katia Jarjoura, the director of the film Escape and Aigul Hakimova, the representative of Infokolpa


21.30 Slovenian Cinematheque

Paris is a moveable feast – A film in 18 waves / Paris est une fête – Un film en 18 vagues, Sylvain George, France, 2017, documentary, 95’, Slovene and English subtitles

Q & A with the director Sylvain George, live via Zoom


Post-festival event

Thursday, September 28th 2023

17.00 Slovenian Cinematheque

Obscure Night – Wild Leaves (The Burning Ones, the Obstinate) / Nuit obscure – Feuillets sauvages (Les brûlants, les obstinés), Sylvain George, France, Switzerland, 2022, documentary, 256’, English subtitles

Q & A with the director of the film

In collaboration with the international film festival Kino Otok / Otok in Ljubljana and Slovenian Cinematheque.

* Tickets for sale at Slovenian Cinematheque.