Miriam Fassbender

Starting auto didactically into the film business Miriam Fassbender worked as 2nd and 1st camera assistant for films such as, amongst others Shooting Dogs (Dir.: M.C. Jones), Zarins Story (Dir.: Shirin Neshat), Desert Flower (Dir.: Sh. Horman), BaderMeinhoffKomplex (Dir.: Uli Edel). In 2001 she took part on the summer course Cinematography at Tisch School of the Arts/New York University. From 2003 – 2005 she studied Cinematography at the FAMU in Prague. Since that time she has shot several feature length documentaries for cinema and television, including Im Garten by A. Bizer, Menschen in der Viktoriastadt by J. Kochs or Rolf Losansky – Verdammt bin ich erwaschen by D. Seume. Foreign (Fremd) is her first feature documentary as a director.

Miriam Fassbender will participate in a discussion about socially engaged film, which will take place on Wednesday, 19th June 2013 at Kiberkino (Kiberpipa) at 7 pm. The discussion will be followed by the screening of her film Foreign (Fremd).