Jury 2013

The programme team of the Festival of Migrant Film announces that for the first time a competitive section will be added to the festival programme. The section will include two categories: the competition for the best short (max. 30 minutes) and feature length (30 or more minutes) films.

The jurors of the 4th edition of the festival are: Simon Popek, film critic/publicist and director of the Ljubljana International Film Festival (LIFFE) and Festival of Documentary Film (FDF), Goran Vojnović, film director, script writer, novelist, poet and columnist, and Lana Zdravković, researcher at the Peace Institute and artist and activist whose principal field of interest is the politics of emancipation.

The competition among selected films is fierce and the selection surely won’t be easy, but the programme team thrusts that the jury will be able to use its collective knowledge and experience to reach a wise decision and hand the awards to the most deserving films!