Gábor Péter Németh and Balázs Wizner

bosnia - DIRECTORGábor Péter Németh (1972) is a director, producer and television editor. He has directed several festival winner documentaries.

Filmography: Sweet Home (1999), Who knows more about János Kádár (2000), Quiz in Kazincbarcika, The Other Hungarian National Team (2001), The Champion (2002), Away (2002), Candle Light      (2003), Introducing Mr. Fekete (2004), Portrait about banker Mr. János Fekete, Terminus (2005), Gig (2008), Escapology (2009), Happily ever after (2010).

 Gábor Péter Németh, director, and Balázs Wizner, producer, will be present at the screening of their movie Bosnia, Bosnia! / Bosznia, Bosznia! on Thursday, 19th June 2014 at Gala Hala Summer Garden, Metelkova City.