Guests 2021

Nika Autor, author of the film Newsreel 80 – Metka, Meki

Metka Autor, protagonist of the film Newsreel 80 – Metka, Meki

Gosia Juszczak, author of the film Stolen fish

Emilia Pluskota, produer of the film Stolen fish

Guillermo Rocamora, author of the film Freedom is a big word

Skupina WoW, authors of the video Catastrophe blues I

Maja Malus Azhdari, author of the film Nadia in Iranian school

Nadina Maličbegović, author of the film Go game

Zoran Kosanović, author of the film The river of ghosts

Eefje Blankevoort in Els van Driel, author of the film Shadow game

Goran Lukić, Delavska svetovalnica

Jošt Franko, photographer

Živa Kavka Gobbo, Focus, Association for Sustainable Development

Aljoša Petek, Legal-Informational Centre for NGOs

Eyachew Tefera, Institute of African Studies

Samar Zughool, Povod, Institute for culture and development of international relations in culture