FMF On the road 2015

FMF at the event Raznolikost bogati (Diversity enriches) in Kranj (Slovene Philantrophy)

Tuesday, 2 July 2015, a 8 pm, Layer’s house, Tomšičeva street 32, Kranj

Land in Sight / Land in Sicht, Judith Keil, Antje Kruska, Germany, 2013, documentary, 93′, English subtitles.

Abdul, Brian und Farid are stranded in a secluded home for asylum seekers in the small town Belzig in the German region of Brandenburg. Starting from there, they are looking for a way into German society. Their imaginations clash with the local mentality at village fests, in government agencies and night clubs. Instead of evoking consternation, Land in Sight focuses on the unintended humour of those encounters.

Discussion will follow the projection.

In cooperation with Goethe-Institut Ljubljana.

FMF in Isola at the Festival Kino Otok – Cinema Isola (Kino Otok – Isola Cinema)

Wednesday, 3 July 2015, a 8 pm, section On the Beach, Isola

Elinkine, Enrique Verdugo, Great Britain, 2014, documentary, 14′, English subtitles.

From the edge of the sea to the edge of the horizon, islands appear as network points of displacement to reach other destinations. In the last decade thousands of immigrants have left their homes all around the globe. Leaving memories behind to chase the dream of recreating a new start. Betting their lives on a perilous journey across the seas, jumping on vessels, hoping for landfall in a prosperous place.

Intercultural dialogue Harmonija potrebuje raznolikost (Diversity esential for Harmony) in Velenje (Cultural Association Hibrid

Friday, 5 July 2015, at 8 pm, Velenje Castle – Atrium

From workers to activists – for a better life! / Od radnika do aktivista – za bolji život Anja Kuhar and Klemen Krek, Slovenia, 2012, 22′, documentary, English subtitles.

The collapse of Slovenia’s building industry has left foreign workers in even deeper distress. Outrageous injustices that did not receive widespread public attention led to the birth of the show Viza za budućnost (Visa for the Future), which has been given a slot on Ljubljana radio station Radio Student. The show provides a marginalized group of people with a safe platform to voice their problems in the hope that they will reach as large an audience as possible and at least partially help to change the situation in the building sector.

I’m not a copata! / Nisem copata!, Gibran Eckles and Greg Evseev (Mexico, Russia), Slovenia, 2014, documentary, in English.

FMF in Vipava (Slovene Philantrophy)

Wednesday, 17 June 2015, at 6 pm, Intergenerational centre Hiša sadeži družbe Vipava (House of Fruits of Society Vipava), Trg Pavla Rušta 6, Vipava

Asylum / Turvapaikka, Jenni Linko, Finland, 2007, documentary, 70′, English subtitles.

Asylum is a documentary about three youngsters who have fled their home countries and ended up in Finland alone. The film follows the lives of Sudi (12), Azim (17) and Wahid (16) for one year after their arrival, at a refugee centre surrounded by forest. While they live there, it will be decided whether they can stay in the country or not.