Discussions 2017

Discussion on the Construction of the Other in the Film.

Thursday, 15th June 2017 at 22.20 (after the screening of I, a Negro) at the Slovenian Cinematheque.

Discussion with Ro Caminal, author of the film I, a Negro. Reloaded, which will be led by Sarah Lunaček (Faculty of Arts).

The discussion will take place in English, Slovenian translation will be provided if necessary.

Discussion on the Western Sahara.

Friday, 16 June 2017 at 20.00 (after the screening of Life is Waiting: Referendum and Resistance in Western Sahara) at the Slovenian Cinematheque.

Speakers: Simon Dreven (director of Reflektum, coordinator of the project The story of the forgotten Sahrawi people), Malainin Mohamed (representative of the Polisario Front in Slovenia, Croatia, BIH and Macedonia), Cvetka Poprask, Rom Ramšak.

Discussion moderator: Ervin Hladnik Milharčič (reporter of the journal Dnevnik)

Q & A with Samer Arkawi, the author of the movie Without Home.

Socializing and Culinary experience.

Sunday, 18th June 2017 at 18.00 in Social Center Rog, Second home.

In cooperation with the association Gmajna and Second Home.

Discussion on fair trade beyond capitalist ideology.

The concept of social and solidarity economy (SSE) is still developing in Slovenia. It is much more than a social entrepreneurship It is an ideology that defies capitalist economy, whose sole interest is profit. It is a concept that brings responsibility to people, animals, nature into the economy and places the welfare of all above the interests of a small number of rich. The chosen films will demonstrate cases of good practice, how it is possible to work and live beyond exploitation. The ensuing discussion will give us a chance to reflect on how to implement these models in our own environment.

Monday, 19th June at 20.45 (after the screening of the films about fair trade beyond capitalism) at The Old Power Station (Bunker).

Speakers: Tej Gonza (Movement for Economic Pluralism), Ajda Pistotnik (EnaBanda), Arne Zupančič (Second Home)

Moderator: Lana Zdravković

Culinary experience and socializing.

In cooperation with the Peace Institute.

Discussion on media and propaganda on refugees.

The mass arrival of people in recent years on the so-called “Balkan route” has caused in many European countries a “refugee crisis” and later the outbreak of hostilities of all kinds, directed towards refugees and immigrants in general. Safety discourse and spread of fear by politicians has lead to hatred and non-acceptance of refugees, as well as spreading of islamophobia. Propaganda and political populism are often backed by inadequate media coverage of migrants, and even more so with the proliferation of hate speech and various untruths and half-truths about refugees on social networks.

In the context of the discussion, which will take place on the World Refugee Day, we will with the help of the speakers look for an alternative to security discourse and political propaganda, supported by the often one-sided and inadequate media coverage. We will discuss how to address various myths and stereotypes that surround contemporary migration; we will discuss the realities of journalists who report on refugees; we will wonder what action to take against the spread of hatred, as well as what are the possibilities for independent, ethical and quality media coverage. We will seek other effective ways to change the media discourse.

Tuesday, 20th of June at 10.00 at ZRC Atrium.

Speakers:  Steffen Dobbert (journalist for Die Zeit and Zeit online), Mojca Pajnik (The Peace Institute and Faculty for Social Sciences), Mojca Širok (journalist for RTV Slovenia), Tadej Troha (Institute of Philosophy ZRC SAZU) in Max Zimani (Zavod Global).

Moderator: Jure Gombač (Slovenian Migration Institute ZRC SAZU).

Before the discussion visitors and speakers will be addressed by Zoran Stančič, Head of European Commission Representation in Slovenia, and Franci Zlatar from Slovene Philanthropy.

Culinary experience.

In cooperation with the Slovenian Migration Institute and the Peace Institute; with the support of the European Commision Representation in the Republic of Slovenia.

Q & A with Jérémie Reichenbach, the author of the film Banned bodies, which will be led by Katja Zakrajšek.

Tuesday, 20th June at 20.00 (after the projection of short movies) at the Slovenian Cinematheque.

With the support of the French Institute in Slovenia.

The discussion will take place in English, Slovenian translation will be provided if necessary.