Sylvain George

Sylvain George, director (France)

Sylvain George, after finishing his philosophy studies, devoted himself to the making of poetic, political and experimental films. This led him to work with artists such as Archie Shepp, William Parker and Valérie Dréville. In 2005, he started his directing career with the first two parts of series Contrefeux, which were gathered into a documentary called Contre-feux 1 et 2: Pur le retrait du projet de loi sur l’immigration et la regularisation sans condition de tous which was followed by Contrefeux 3: Europe année 06 (Fragments Ceuta), Contrefeux 4: Un homme ideal (Fragments K) and Contre-feux 6: Comment briser les consciences? Frapper!. Between 2005 and 2008, he shot short films No Border (Aspettavo Che Scendesse La Sera) and N´entre pas sans violence dans la nuit, and in the year 2009 Ils nous tueront tous … In 2009, he participated in the Turin festival with L´impossible – Pages arrachées. He returned the following years with Qu´ils reposent en revolte (Des figures de guerres) (FIPRESCI at the Bafici), and Les Éclats (ma gueule, ma révolte, mon nom) which earned him the award for best international documentary.

A discussion with Sylvain George will take place on Monday, 10th June 2013 at Slovenian Cinematheque after the screening of his film  The Fragments (My Mouth, My Revolt, My Name) (Les Eclats (Ma gueule, ma révolte, mon nom)).