Youth On The Way / Mladost na poti

country, year
Slovenia, 2017

short docu-fiction

running time

directed by
Erfan Gulzari, Mujeebullah Rahimi,
Haseebullah Rahimi, Sajjad Ahmadi,
Mohammad Dawood Rezai,
Hadi Khorshidi, Omid Moradi,
Adrijana Bajc

Farsi, Slovenian


about the film
This is a story about young boys, who were forced to leave their homes and escaped to Slovenia. The story takes us on their refugee journey to countries where there was a possibility of a future. The film was shot by adolescents and inspired by their real situation on the run.

about the authors
The authors are applicants for international protection and minors with granted international humanitarian protection.

festivals and awards
Fekk – Ljubljana Short Film Festival, 2017