country, year
Italy, 2021

short documentary

running time

directed by
Francesco Cibati

Urdu, English, Italian

Slovene subtitles

about the film
After an exhausting, five years long journey, a 24 years old Umar arrived in Trieste on foot from Pakistan. On his way to Italy, he witnessed the death of his best friend, he was tortured by the Croatian police, risked his leg being amputated and was finally saved by Lorena. She is the president of Linea d’Ombra, an association that welcomes migrants arriving to Italy via the Balkan route. For him, the encounter with people like her represents a new beginning of life and hope.

about the author
Francesco Cibati (1991) was trained in Milan, Venice, Barcelona and Durban as a photographer and communication designer, cultivating a passion for filmmaking and reportage. In 2019 he got involved in the world of documentary by co-founding Raw Sight collective, which became a production company in 2021. Parallel to the world of documentary filmmaking, he co-founded Linea d’Ombra in 2019, an association based in Trieste, Italy, that is committed to supporting migrants along the Balkan route. As a freelancer he also worked as a consultant for several national and multinational companies, and founded and directed the fanzine C.A.C.C.A. (Cose A Caso Con Attenzione) which was selected at Compasso d’Oro 2018, Italian industrial design award.

festivals and awards
– Berlin Indie Film Festival, (BEST DEBUT DIRECTOR)

– Vesuvius International Film Fest

– Boden International Film Festival

– Lavori in Corto Film Festival – Menzione Speciale

– International Documentary Film Festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina 

– Festival Internacional de Cine de la No-Violencia Activa (FICNOVA), 

– Max Diversity Film Festival

– Metropolis Film Festival

– How I Came Here (2019, line producer and director’s assistant)

– Rentstrike Bolognina (2020, author and line producer)

– Honeydew – The end of illegality (exp. 2023, author and line producer)

– Mater (exp. 2024, author and producer)