Trapped by Law

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Kosovo / Germany, 2015


running time

directed by
Sami Mustafa

English, Romanes, German

Slovene, English

An odyssey, coming-of-age and familyseparation story of two brothers filmed in the course of five years since the law of “forced reintegration” has been signed between Kosovo, Germany and other EU states. Kefaet and Selami, two young brothers and rap artists, grew up in the hip-hop culture in Essen, Germany. Kefaet was born in Kosovo and taken by his parents to Germany at the age of four. He eventually married and has two children. Selami was born in Essen and has never been to Kosovo at all. During a dramatic night in March 2010, they are deported to Kosovo, a completely unknown country to them. Separated from their family and friends, they try to cope with their situation and do everything in their power to return to Germany. But administration and asylum laws stand in their way.

reziser  about the author
  Sami Mustafa is an award-winning independent documentary director, producer and writer. He is the  founder  of Romawood, Rolling Film Festival and International Romani Film Commission fostering Roma  cinema. He  is socially and politically engaged and works in Kosovo as well as in other European countries.  After visiting  and participating in numerous film festivals, he decided to bring a special focus to the cinema  representation  of Roma people by organizing Rolling Film Festival (in 2009) to showcase films made by and  about the  Roma. Throughout the years, the festival has become recognized internationally and brought the  Roma  population in Kosovo closer to the rest of the community. Sami worked as an advisor and selected  films,  specifically Roma films, for different international film festivals in Europe such as Cottbus,  Douarnenez,  Cineromani and Motovun Film Festivals to name only a few.
Filmography: To Become Slovenian: Sejdo (2011), Sar Thuvf (2010), Never Back Home (2010).

festivals, awards

Nomination for Best East European Film at Jihlava International Film Festival, Jihlava, Czech Republic, Nomination for Young Talent Award at Dokfest Kassel, Germany