Tina Glavič Novak


Tina Glavič Novak is a member of Hupa Brajdič Production, a group that focuses  mainly on documentary films. She is a sociologist and a project leader within Hupa  Brajdič Production. She is mostly interested in documentary movie making,  especially in its creative approach. She works with Toni Poljanec. Some of their  works are Grenkoba nasmeha (Biter Smile), Zaodrje (Backstage), A to je  kulturologija (Is this Cultural Studies). The films were screened at Kinodvor, RTV  Slovenia (national TV programme), DOKMA festival of documentary film, Luksuz  festival poceni filma, Subart festival and elsewhere.

The author will join the discussion on current refugee crisis after the screening of The Invisibles, which will take place on Monday, 20th June, at 19:00 in Slovenian Cinematheque.