And we will throw the sea behind you / Et nous jetterons la mer derrière vous

country, yearIn za vami bomo vrgli morje4
France, 2014


running time

directed by
Anouck Mangeat, Noémi Aubry, Clément Juillard, Jeanne Gomas



In most Middle Eastern and Central Asian countries, we throw some water behind the steps of the one who is leaving the house, so that he comes back in good health. We call them migrant, kaçak, metanastes; but above all, they are Aziz, Sidiqi, Housine, and Younes. We are stopping by together in these frontier zones, in these stopping-by cities as large as countries, from home to the chaos of greece in crisis, going through Istanbul streets. Between the lines, we can read their dreams and the hopes they carry with them. These paths are just beginning, and perhaps they won’t ever find an end. This is the story of a Europe and its realities, its laws and policies. This is a story of exile. How to tell your story, your travel when it is your life? The film is this meeting, a crossing travel which would allow the telling. Above borders, languages, status, places, we are meeting and stoping-by.

Another travel is starting by. And we throw all the water from the crossed seas behind their steps.

about the author

Photo Noe╠ümiNoemi Aubry (Bar le Duc, France, 1981). After studying theater and cinema at the University of Metz, Noémie Aubry trained in 16mm cinematographic editing. While doing research for her documentary film, Noémie began her studies in sociology and anthropology and earned her Master’s degree in Visual Anthropology in 2010.

Co-creator of the association Ozho Naayé and of L’amorce, a cooperative of editing and diffusion of films ; member of Regarde à Vue, a collective of video artists ; and member of L’abominable, a laboratory of silver gelatin film processing.

Concerned with questions of territory, the movement of populations, exile, and identity, she blends methods (Super 8, 16mm, HD) and practices (experimental film, documentary, installation).


photo(1)Anouck Mangeat (Laxou, France, 1982). Singer and musician speacialized in Anatolian music, she was trained in vocal technique and performance at Chanson de Paris. She co-created the association Ozho Naayé and has coordinated festivals, cultural projects and film productions. She has lived between Turkey and Montreuil since 2009, writing for independent journals, translating from Turkish to French and giving writing workshops. She is self-taught in computer graphics and film editing. Currently, she is editing different documentaries about questions of identity, migrations, as well as individual and collective memoir.

In parallel, during her travels and training with the Hoca (masters of Turkish music), she learned many of the traditional songs of Anatolia. She continues to be inspired to make her own creations and also to be a collector. She collaborates with Bulgarian gadulka player, Pauline Willerval.


clement juillard(1)Clement Juillard (Quimper, France, 1981). Director, cameraman, editor, he is a part of several video artist collectives : Les Gardiens du Pont, with filmmaker Patrick Brunie ; Nisa Masa, a network of young European filmmakers, where he has collaborated in the collective making of films in Havre, Vienna, and Instanbul. With the video artist’s collective Regarde à Vue, he directed Su, a documentary about the water in Turkey, and  On ne se laisse pas faire, a documentary about urbanization in Marseille. He regularly conducts audiovisual workshops in the social center of a refugee camp near Bethlehem in Palestine. He is currently working on the documentary Handala, aujourd’hui by Sivan Halevy. He experiments in collective creation and is interested in all levels of the process through exchange and transmission.





WP_20150428_15_54_31_ProJeanne Gomas (Les Lilas, France, 1983).
Community activist trained in rights of foreigners alongside the lawyer Elise Vallois, active in the Collective for Solidarity with migrants in Montreuil, France. She organizes legal hotlines, projections and debates in the foyers Sonacotra and in 2009 at the forum Tous Dehors at the Parole Errante. She is an assistant director in several documentaries filmed in West Africa. For the last two years she has been interested in subjective cartography and researching new forms of migratory narration through writing, sound, and photography.

First experience as a filmmaker.


festivals, awards
CINEMA DU REEL 2015, International documentary film festival of Paris; If Istanbul 2015 ,Turkey; Festival du film militant de Lyon 2015, France; Refugee Film Days Ankara 2015, Turkey.