Tempest / Nevihta

country, year
Slovenia, 2021

short fiction

running time

directed by
Anton Martin Emeršič



about the film
When an unsuspected visitor enters the forest, the hunter has to face his own hatred. // A deep dark forest surrounds a small cottage that is home to a bitter old hunter. He is living his secluded life peacefully until his routine is broken as he starts noticing foreign tracks in his forest. Late one night he catches a young boy of a darker complexion rummaging through his car. He tries to capture him, but manages to knock him out instead. Shocked, he runs away. The guilt and fear eat him alive as days go by so he decides to look for the boy. When he eventually finds him, hiding with his mother in an old hayrack at the edge of the forest, he is faced with the reality and morality of his actions.

about the author
Anton Martin Emeršič (1995) graduated from the AGRFT in 2017 with his short film Shoemaker. During his studies, he spent some time in New York City, where he participated in an avant-garde film production by Richard Foreman as a performer. He is currently preparing another a short film to attain his Master’s degree in Film Directing at the AGRFT next year. In addition to directing, he also has experience in screenwriting and production.

festivals and awards
SeeFest, Los Angeles, USA
Short Film Factory, Romania
Balkan Panorama Film Festival, Izmir, Turkey

Odtisi / Impressions, 2016
Čevljarna / Shoemaker, 2017
Avtoštop / Hitchhiker, 2019
Nevihta / Tempest, 2021