TAM TAM BASKET the dream team

country, year
Italy, Qatar, Jordan, 2021


running time

directed by
Mohamed Kenawi



about the film
From the heart of poverty, remains and misery, a dream appeared. TamTam, a neo-Italian local basketball team, made up entirely of young people from immigrant families. Nevertheless, the dream encounters collapsing on the rocks of class and national laws. Troubles and bands still keep on and the dream is still waiting for validation and victory.

about the author
Born in Egypt, Mohamed Kenawi graduated in Italian Language and Literature from the University of Cairo and worked as a translator and writer before emigrating to Italy in 2000. He was an Assistant Producer with Orbit, the satellite television network, in Rome from 2003 to 2006. Since 2006 he’s been making films with Domino Film. A a writer, director and producer he created a series of documentaries that explore multiculturalism, ethnic minorities and human rights issues outside a legal or formal framework.

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