country, year                    
Germany, Austria, 2018


running time

directed by
Wolfgang Fischer

English, German


about the film

On the outside borders of Europe, people, who are crossing the ocean to reach our continent, in desperate need of peace, are dying everyday. The meeting of a holliday boat and a too crowded, damaged ship with refugees in the middle of the ocean is a scary scenario, about which sailors are talking about a lot. These events are more and more common in real life too. What happens, when an alone sailor finds herselg in a situation like this? A film, inspired by a true story, tries to answer that question with a style of fiction, and shows how economic interests meet humanitarian principles, how greediness overpowers compassion and how being indifferent can destroy any last hope. Styx is about personal dreams of paradise and is centered around the question of identity: who do we want to be, who are we and who are we supposed to be?

You can watch the trailer here.

about the author
Wolfgang Fischer was born in 1970 in Wien, Austria. He studied psychology and painting in Wien and then filmography and videography in Düsseldorf, he later studied at the Academy for media in Köln. Styx is his second feature film and its premiere was at a festival in Berlin.




festivals and awards

Festival Berlinale, Berlin, Austria, 2018

LIFFe Festival.

Batumi Festival.

Boulder Festival.

Motovun Festival.


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