Strange fish

country, year                    
Italy, 2018


running time

directed by
Giulia Bertoluzzi

Arabic, French


about the film

How does it feel to see a dead body floating in the sea like a strange fish? The movie depicts a fishing village in southern Tunisia, on the border of war-torn Libya.  We discover how the migrant tragedy has affected the fishermen community. We meet Salah Mecherek, captain of a sardine fishing boat, Chamseddine Bourassine, captain and president of the Association of the fishermen and Chamseddine Marzoug, ex-fisherman, ex-taxi driver and volunteer for the Red Crescent. Every time Salah goes out to sea he fears bumping into something strange. Chamseddine Bourassine founded the Association of the fishermen with the objective to coordinate the response to the rising migration crisis right after the Tunisian revolution. Chamseddine Marzoug ended up with the most horrific job: he became the gravedigger of the unknowns, advocating to find a more decent graveyard.

You can watch the trailer here.

about the author

Giulia Bertoluzzi is the director of photography, author, producer, camerawoman and video-editor for several video-reportages. She works in the Middle East as a freelance journalist for English, French and Italian media.

festivals and awards

Visioni dal mondo, 2018

Via Emilia Doc Fest, 2018

Africa International Film Festival, 2018

Festival del cinema dei diritti umani di Napoli, 2018

Prime Marseille, 2018