How to stop a Deportation

country, yearStill 2 How to stop a deportation
Austria, 2015

experimental feature

running time

directed by
Protest Productions Collective

German, English


Vienna International Airport: a hub for people yearning to see distant places and globalized business relationships. But many people get onto a plane because they are forced to – they are being deported. “I ain’t getting on no plane! – How to stop a deportation” shows “safety instructions” for those who would like to prevent a deportation and take action showing solidarity: “Don’t fasten your seatbelt”, “Stand up and refuse to sit down”, “Talk to the captain” are some of the recommendations.

Protest_Productions_Collectiveabout the author
The Protest Productions Collective developed around the Viennese Refugee Protest Movement. “We are refugees, migrants, people that have grown up here, political activists, and creative artists and we are united in our mutual search in expressing a radical stance against the violence of the ruling regime favoring inclusion and exclusion.”

 In several short films, the Protest Productions Collective deals with the experiences with the Austrian national system for migration and asylum and with being excluded from having a “normal” life, but also the possibilities of taking action to show resistance.


festivals, awards
Premiere – WienWoche 2014; GlobaLe Leipzig 2014.