Stones in the way / Steine im weg

country, year
Germany, 2021

short documentary

running time

directed by
Saada Abdelkade



about the film
A film about immigrants’ experiences with racism. And the negative impact of this on their new life and their integration into German society. Some citizens are accompanied by worms in their daily lives. There are many people affected by racism, but only a few tell stories about it.

about the author
Saada Abdelkade is an Egyptian journalist and documentary filmmaker. He worked as head of the investigative investigation unit at the Egyptian Voices Project of the Thomson Reuters Foundation. Many of his films were published in Deutsche Welle channels, France 24 Sky News. He received the DIG Italia award, ARIJ awards for investigative journalism, and has worked on many films and topics related to immigrants and refugees.

Stones in the way (2021)