Stolen fish

country, year
UK, Poland, Spain, 2020

short documentary

running time

directed by
Gosia Juszczak

English, Wolof, Mandinka


about the film
The first documentary film on Gambia’s fishmeal factories gives an insight into one of the untold drives of migration. In Gambia, the smallest country of mainland Africa, fish is now being powdered up by Chinese corporations and exported to Europe and China as a feed in industrial farming. As a result, Gambians are being deprived of their primary source of proteins, and overfishing has been depleting marine ecosystems. Three Gambians, Abou, Mariama and Paul, share their intimate story of a daily struggle, anger, hopes and longing for the loved ones. Stolen Fish is a precious 30-minute microcosm of what has gone wrong in our the world, eloquently put by those who have been taking the brunt of the devastation caused by global capitalism.

about the author
Graduate of the DOK PRO – documentary directing course at Andrzej Wajda Film School in Warsaw. Director and producer of short documentaries, fiction films and music videos. In her documentary work, Juszczak focuses on issues of social importance, migration and borders. The short documentary “Videonotes: Ethnoligue”, portraying a multicultural amateur football league, has been nominated for the “Off Discovery of the Year” award by a Polish film portal “Stopklatka”. The “Cargo Women of Melilla”, a portrait of the slave-like work of Moroccan women on the Southern EU border, has been showcased among Novara Docs series. STOLEN FISH is Juszczak’s 30-minute debut.  Juszczak has also worked as journalist, translator, and human rights observer in the Middle East.After having lived in Poland, Mexico, Spain, USA, Israel/Palestine, Jordan, she now lives in Madrid. Jusczak is fluent in Polish, English and Spanish and also speaks basic Arabic.

festivals and awards
Sheffield Doc/Fest (world premiere, UK, July 2020) Recognitions: by VICE Magazine: “Ten Most Radical Films You Need to See at Sheffield Doc/Fest”, by Documentary Weekly/Film Fest Report: “Top 10 Shorts at Sheffield Doc/Fest” Man in Danger (Poland, November 2020)
Sustainable Living Film Festival (Turkey, November 2020)
Watch Docs Human Right Film Festival (Poland, December 2020) Afrykamera (Poland, December 2020), Special mention “for a brilliant presentation of the complexity of the issues of globalization, environment and migration in a nutshell, as well as for a complete departure from the pro-Western perspective and empathetic approach while giving the voice to the Gambian protagonists”
Screening at the Warsaw University, Poland
It was also part of the East Silver Market and a Torino Short Film Market curated programme.
Miradas. Doc (February 2020, Tenerife Spain)
Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital, Washington DC (USA, March 2021) Cameroon international Film festival (April 2021)
One World FF (Slovakia, May 2021)
Screening at the European Parliament (planned for spring) Krakow Green Film Festival (Poland, August 2021)

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