Remembering Lampedusa – Hope

country, year                    
Finland, 2019

short documentary

running time

directed by
Anna Blom



about the film
On 3 October 2013, an overcrowded fishing boat carrying Eritrean refugees caught fire off the island of Lampedusa and sank. At least 368 people died and 155 people survived. Only six women survived the disaster and Bisrat Tewelde is one of them. In the disaster she lost her family and friends who had travelled with her all the way from Eritrea. Now Bisrat has created a new home in northern Europe. The film showcases her memories, emotions, and thoughts.

You can watch the trailer here.

about the author
Anna Blom is an award winning director and writer based in Helsinki, Finland. Anna takes a special interest in issues concerning human rights, children and youth.

Det går att operera (2015), Den tysta Sångerskan (2012), Vierge Moderne (2016), Mitt Helsingfors (2014).