Refugee / Penaber

country, year                    
Turkey, 2017

short fiction

running time

directed by
Ramazan Kılıç

Kurdish, Arabic


about the film

Penaber is a movie about a woman who had to migrate to Istanbul with her little girl after she lost her husband in the Syrian civil war. She tried to hold on to her memories with a camera filled by the photos of past.

about the author

Ramazan Kılıç was born in Ağrı, in 1993. He is an undergraduate film student at College of Communication at Istanbul Şehir University.

festivals and awards

29th Aydin Dogan Foundation The Young Communicators Competition, Turkey

Sabanci Foundation Short Film Competition, Turkey

Aurora Picture Show’s 20th Extremely Shorts Film Festival, USA


Penaber(2017), Migfer (2018), Servis (2019)