Welcome to Hotel Europe / Welcome to Hotel Europe

country, year

Serbia, 2012



running time


directed by

Sara Preradović


Persian, English, Hungarian




In the recent years, since the migratory route through the Balkans has become more used, and the borders more heavily policed, the transit through Serbia for migrants trying to reach the EU has become more difficult. The film shows the daily lives of a group of migrants, living in the »jungles« close to the town of Subotica at the Serbian-Hungarian border. Their hopefulness, strength and solidarity help them survive the life in hiding, police repression and the cold winter.

about the author

Sara Preradović was born in 1990 in Senta, Serbia. This year she graduated at the Faculty of dramatic arts in Belgrade on camera department. She is also an activist for migrants’ rights. Filmography: Nad(a)nica (2008), The birth (2010), Welcome to Hotel Europe (2012), DNK Umetnika (2013).