Untitled (Italian National Anthem) / Untitled (Italian National Anthem)

country, year

Italy, 2009


short video

running time


directed by

Raffaella Crispino






A group of Gipsy musicians reinterprets the Italian National Anthem. The video has a rather direct message, while introducing with a slight humour, its work on different levels: from the strong opposition of the government to immigration, to the manipulation of public opinion by media; from Italian politics seen abroad as entertainment show, to Italian identity and to patriotism in general.

about the author

Raffaella Crispino currently lives and works in Brussels. She won the first prize of Prix Mediatine 2013, annual award in Belgium and the residency at the MAAC in Brussels. She was invited to the Artist residency of JCVA in Jerusalem and she has also participated in the CCA-Kitakyushu residency in Japan and of the Casino Luxembourg.