The Mighty River / El Grann Río

country, year

Argentina/Guinea, 2012



running time


directed by

Ruben Plataneo


Spanish, Susu




Hiding in the propeller of a ship, David, a young Guinean rapper known as Black Doh, arrives as a stowaway in “Maradona’s Land”. He left his friends, family, and his mother behind back in Africa, never to see them again. He now sings in a mix of French, Susu, and Spanish. Years after he left his hometown, David’s first album reaches Africa. A film that moves back and forth between South America and Africa reflecting routes and roots, clashes and encounters of cultures.

about the author

Rubén Plataneo is director, producer, screenwriter, fest-programmer, and cameraman. Filmography as director and producer: Telefilms – Documentaries: Unlawful Deaths, Dante in the bigger house, PAPI Tank, Fire Island, The Mighty River.

festivals, awards

First Prize Raymundo Gleyzer Contests