Other Europe / Altra Europa

country, year

Italy, 2010



running time


directed by

Rossella Schillaci


Somali, Arabic, Italian




What happens to African migrants once granted political refugee status? Which challenges will they have to face and what are their prospects for a decent livelihood in Italy? In Turin, a northern Italian industrial city, an abandoned clinic has been squatted by more than 200 refugees since November 2008. Set between a cinema and a street market in a working-class neighbourhood, this 5-story building is now inhabited by Somali and Sudanese refugees, forming a small African island in the heart of a European city, yet isolated from the rest of the world. There is running water in one room per floor for 80 persons on each floor; there is electricity but no heating.

about the author

Rossella Schillaci gained a MA in visual anthropology and direction of documentaries at the University of Manchester (UK). She participated to the EU-India Documentary Initiative and the Berlinale Talent Campus. Her last three documentaries have been awarded in many international film festivals. She produced and directed several documentaries broadcasted by RAISAT, Sky and Al Jazeera.