Ngutu / Ngutu

country, year

Spain, 2012



running time


directed by

Daniel Valledor & Felipe del Olmo






Ngutu is a newspaper street vendor who hardly sells any copies at all. Resentful, he starts watching the passersby closely in order to make progress in his business.

about the author

Daniel Valledor (Caracas, Venezuela, 07/10/1983) graduated in both Media Studies and Advertising, he specialised in film direction at TAI and as a cinematographer at ECAM. He works as a DOP for short films, documentaries and editorial video, earning various awards. In 2006 he directed his first short film, Lebensraum. Ngutu is his second work as a director.

Felipe del Olmo (Madrid, Spain, 04/13/1985) graduated in Media Studies at Universidad Europea de Madrid. He works as a videoclip and editorial video director. He also writes and directs his own short films: Serse (2003), Pies desnudos, corazón roto (2005), Alas de papel (2006), Noche de rayos (2010) and Ngutu (2012), winning various awards for his work.