How Much Further? / How Much Further?

country, year

Belgium/Greece, 2012



running time


directed by

ECRE & The Greek Forum of Refugees & Matthias Wiessler


English, Persian




Filmed in Athens between October 2011 and February 2012, in the midst of social, political and economic turmoil, the documentary raises the voices of those who have fled Afghanistan, Somalia or Sudan hoping to find refuge in Europe. After months or even years on the road, they arrive in Greece, a country whose population is facing the full brunt of economic crisis and where the asylum and reception systems are completely dysfunctional. Most people see no option but to take the road again in the hope of reaching the country that can receive them and consider their claim for asylum. But, once they have entered Greece, it is extremely difficult if not impossible to leave the country given the European policies that legally bind them to Greece.

about the author

The European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE) is now a pan-European Alliance of refugee-assisting non-governmental organisations. ECRE is concerned with the needs of all individuals who seek refuge and protection within Europe. It aims to promote the protection and integration of refugees in Europe based on the values of human dignity, human rights, and an ethics of solidarity. The Greek Forum of Refugees is a multinational Network. The founding members are Afghani Association in Greece, Sudanese Refugees League in Greece, Somali Community in Greece and the Greek Forum of Migrants. Matthias Wiessler is film maker based in the UK.