Happiness … Promised Land / Le Bonheur… Terre Promise

country, year

France, 2011



running time


directed by

Laurent Hasse


Persian, Spanish, Catalan




The film is not about asylum or refugees, but it’s a road movie dealing with a particular kind of migration: the need of change for psychological reasons. It is an independent low budget feature documentary about Happiness and Humankind.

Nothing was ever planned nor foreseen. He left home, on a winter morning, wishing to cross France, walking alone from South to North. Wandering, willing to break with his bounds and habits, he left to take a fresh look upon the territory and the dreams and the daily life of its inhabitants. He was trusting his luck to meet new people and to reach his only aim: HAPPINESS.

about the author

In France, Laurent Hasse is known as director of concerts video recordings. He has worked with many famous rock and jazz bands. But a tragic event in his life caused him the desire of this film.

festivals, awards (selection)

Festival du Film d’Education, France (First Prize); Festival Millenium, Belgium (Special Jury Award); Festival Ecozine, Spain (First Prize), Almaty International Film Festival, Kazakhstan (Best Non-fiction Film); Ischia Film Festival, Italy (Best Documentary); Baghdad International Film Festival, Iraq (Third Prize); Ecollywood Festival, France (Adventure Film Prize), Festival A Nous de Voir, France (First Prize Young Jury); SWIFF – London, United Kingdom (Best Long-Documentary)