Germania / Germania

country, year

Argentina, 2012



running time


directed by

Maximiliano Schonfeld


German, Spanish




Germania is the story of a Volga-German family’s last day in their village in the Argentinean province Entre Rios. The Mother and her two teenage children, Lucas and Brenda, go into an intimate mourning, waiting for goodbye. But the reasons of their leaving the village are mysterious. Their farm has been devastated by a plague, and the villagers -who blame it on divine punishment- try and avoid being too close to them.

about the author

Maximlliano Schonfeld was born in 1982, in Crespo, Entre Rios (Argentina). He graduated from ENERC Film School. He has written and directed Germania, his first feature film. Currently, Schonfeld is working on his second feature project The Black Frost (La Helada Negra). Previously, Schonfeld had written and directed two TV series: Ander Egg and El Lobo winners of the INCAA TV contest. He has also directed three short films: Esnorquel, Entreluces, Invernario.

festivals, awards (selection)

The film won the Jury’s Special Award and the Feisal Award at 14° BAFlCl’s international Competition, the Jury’s Special Award at Fresh Film Prague, Best First Feature Film Award at Hamburg Film Festival, Best Film and Best Director Award at Punta Del Este (Uruguay). Selected at Chicago Film Festival, the Goteborg Film Festival and the Rio de Janeiro Film Festival, among others.