Sekou Kouyate is a musician from Guinea living in France whose virtuoso performances on the African 21-string harp known as the kora have earned him the nicknames of “African Jimi Hendrix” and “Sekou Jimi Kora”. In his parent band Ba Cissoko, which has performed all over the world, he often plays the kora with electric effects that are usually used by rock guitarists. Sekou Kouyate Experience is a project that unites the African virtuoso and Slovenian musicians who have been actively involved with West African music for many years. The result is an energy-packed, but also quite lyrical fusion of traditional African music with reggae, funk, jazz and rock. The band has released two albums: Live in MB (2011) and Dia (2012).

At this concert we will see Sekou Kouyate in a more intimate light performing as part of an acoustic trio.

Where does the kora come from? What kind of an instrument is it?
Sekou: “The kora is a traditional royal instrument from West Africa, where it has been played on for around 500 years. The instrument was associated with royal courts and ceremonies, but it also became well established among the people. It has 21 strings and no fret and needs to be retuned before or during specific melodies. It is held by two handles, from where you can reach the strings with your thumbs.”

Sekou Kouyate – kora, guitar, vocals
Igor Leonardi – acoustic guitar
Damir Mazrek – percussion

Atrij ZRC, Tuesday, 19 June at 20.30



The Sankofa Choir, which operates under the auspices of the Baobab Arts and Culture Association, brings together Africans, their descendents, family members and friends. It has been formed in the organization as part of the one-year Slovenian project EWAC 3 (Expressive World of African Culture), which encourages the development and promotion of African culture and awareness of it throughout Slovenia. The choir’s repertoire includes songs from various ethnic groups of Sub-Saharan Africa as well as songs by popular African performers like Miriam Makeba and Richard Bona. The singing is accompanied by life music and choreographed moves. With its performances, the Sankofa Choir is raising awareness of the African diaspora in Slovenia and introducing its artistic expression to the Slovenian cultural space. Sankofa is an art project that appeals to a wide audience as the performers use catchy tunes, earthly rhythms and energetic dance moves to create a genuine African atmosphere.

Škuc Gallery, Friday 22 June at 19.00