Voyages through Forgotten Place

Six short length films in which young authors from Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia present their research of the migration in their local environment, will be presented for the first time. More about the project.

Thursday, June 21st at 18.15 – Kinodvor Cinema, Small hall (Kinodvor, Mala dvorana)



365, Ana Fratnik & Andrej Zavašnik, Slovenia, 2012, documentary, English subtitles.

The film 365 introduces us to Manja who is on the brink of the biggest adventure of her life. She is leaving Slovenia, home, the daily routine, friends and her boyfriend, with whom she has just moved in. She is heading off to an unknown country to gain work experience. We follow her in the last days before leaving.


From Worker to Activist – For a Better Life (Od radnika do aktivista – za bolji život), Anja Kuhar & Klemen Krek, Slovenia, 2012, documentary, English subtitles.

The collapse of Slovenia’s building industry has left foreign workers in even deeper distress. Outrageous injustices that did not receive widespread public attention led to the birth of the show Viza za budućnost (Visa for the Future), which has been given a slot on Ljubljana radio station Radio Študent. The show provides a marginalized group of people with a safe platform to voice their problems in the hope that they will reach as large an audience as possible and at least partially help to change the situation in the building sector. The film is a document of the time, giving insight into a show that serves as a means of empowerment and turns workers into activists.


Jin Hao for a Good Day (Jin Hao za dobar dan), Srđan Srđanov, Serbia, 2012, documentary, English subtitles.

The growing Chinese community in Novi Sad and Vojvodina still lives in a kind of voluntary isolation. Outside of their working environment, the picturesque shops popularly called “Chinese shops”, they remain practically invisible to their fellow citizens. The film explores the lives of the salesmen in one of these shopping centres and looks into their relationships with the locals.


Banat Triangle (Banatski trougao), Daniel Toader & Anica Stojanović, Serbia, 2012, documentary, English subtitles.

The increasing development of urban environments leads to mass migration of people from rural areas to the cities. Left behind in the countryside are big empty houses, forgotten things and forsaken people. Through the personal accounts of four women and footage of the deserted parts of Banat, the film depicts life in the countryside after its inhabitants have moved away.


Working Hours (Radno vrijeme), Veronika Bauer, Croatia, 2012, documentary, English subtitles.

In search of the concept of precarity, the film problematizes its invisibility. It creates a contrast between the verbal account of a precarious female worker and images of women in public, urban places. Real, uncertain working and living conditions are compared with pacified, empty images appearing in advertisements. The film attempts to project the fragmented nature of precarious everyday life into a seemingly depoliticised public space.


I’m Nobody, Barbara Matejčić & Nina Urumov, Croatia, 2012, documentary, English subtitles.

If you had to leave your home to save your life, what would you take with you? They know the answer. They have lost everything. They feel worthless while others decide about their future. They are asylum seekers in a country that does not like foreigners.