Europe Trap / Europe Trap

country, year

Spain/Greece, 2013



running time


directed by

Anna Giralt Gris


Persian, Spanish, Catalan




Europe Trap is a close-up of Zakereh, a 55-year-old mother trying to reunite with her son, himself trapped in Greece. Through her point of view we will witness her struggle, with herself and with the outside world; a war as hard as the previous one she faced in Afghanistan. But in all her sadness and pain, Zakereh found a room in Adefla’s house, a Cuban woman who lives near Barcelona, a singer and musician, who is trying to bring happiness to her live. Despite their differences they create their own ways to communicate.

about the author

Anna Giralt Gris (Barcelona, Spain, 1978) is an independent documentary film-maker. She filmed her first documentary in Iran in 2002 and since then she continued filming in Afghanistan, Iraq, Spain, Greece, and Lebanon among others, but always with the aim to document the world we are living in. In 2006 she created Prisamatafilms to be able to produce unhurried films. Currently she is living in Athens, Greece.

Filmography: Europe Trap (2012), Burn Unit (2009), Repairing (2009), About Home (2008), Another Live (2005), Human Shields Diary in Baghdad (2003), One Day Around Iran (2002).

festival, awards

Thessaloniki Documentary Festival