Displacement / Desplazamiento

country, year

Argentina, 2013


experimental animation video

running time


directed by

Magdalena Cernadas






A home, a house, a shelter, a nest becomes weak, fragile and illusory in geographies that are affected by violence caused by racial or religious intolerance, discrimination, territorial wars or armed conflicts over capital gains. As victims of terror, land seizures and killings, displaced people are forced to live in precarious conditions and in constant danger. Thus a deep and indelible wound is imprinted, marked by the pain of being uprooted.

about the author

She was born in 1975 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She studied Film at CIC and painting with Juan Doffo and Paola Balario. She has worked in 28 long feature films as script supervisor and assistant director. She exhibited her paintings in Argentina and in Berlin, Germany. In her work she explores different fields of visual art: painting, installation and videoart.