Closed Sea / Mare Chiuso

country, year

Italy, 2012



running time


directed by

Stefano Liberti & Andrea Segre


Amharic, Tigrinya, Somali




A documentary aims to tell the unknown side of the story about the migrations of people who escaped from Libya during the war in 2011. Many of these migrants, in fact, had been previously pushed back by Italy as a result of an agreement signed by Berlusconi and Gaddafi in 2009. We met them in Shousha refugee camp at the border between Libya and Tunisia, and in two reception camps for asylum seekers (C.A.R.A.) in southern Italy. They described what actually happened on the boats and what happened after their deportation to Libya. Their interviews constitute the main part of the documentary, along with a session of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, where one of our witnesses sued Italy.

about the author

Stefano Liberti (Rome, 1974) works as a journalist at Il Manifesto and collaborates with other newspaper, both Italian. His first book, South of Lampedusa, about migration routes from Central Africa to the Mediterranean countries, has been called “exemplary reportage, accurate and honest”, and he has won the 2010 Indro Montanelli Prize for Journalism. In 2011 he published Land grabbing (Minimum Fax). He won Guido Carletti Prize for “social journalism” in 2010; Marco Luchetta Prize as “best news media journalist 2008”; Don Luigi di Liegro Prize for his professionalism and social research and the “libertad de expresion 2009” prize, awarded by Spanish magazine La voz del Occidente. He worked as director for Raitre broadcasting C’era una volta, producing documentaries Human Guinea Pigs (2008, on pharmaceutical experimentations conducted by the U.S. giant Pfizer in Nigeria) and Give us this Day our Bread (2009, investigation on the relationship between rising food prices, financial speculation and the increased use of biofuels). He is co-author of documentaries South of Lampedusa (2006) and Like a Man on Earth (2008) by Andrea Segre. His documentary L’inferno dei bambini stregoni (2010) – on children accused of witchcraft in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo – won “Anello Debole Prize – TV section 2010”.

Andrea Segre (Dolo, Venice, 1976) is a director of films and documentaries for cinema and television; he is also a researcher in sociology of communication. For over ten years he has been particularly dedicated to the topic of migration and is the founder of association ZaLab, where he develops both production projects and participatory-video workshops.

He has directed numerous documentaries: Marghera Canale Nord (2003); God was a Musician (2004); PIP49 (2006); South of Lampedusa (2006). In collaboration with Jolefilm he made La mal’ombra (2007), Like a Man on Earth (2008), which has won numerous awards; May Things Change (2009), The Green Blood (2010). In 2011 his first feature film Io sono Li was released.