Boundary Line / Am Rande

country, year

Germany, 2013



running time


directed by

Maja Connors & Pablo Narezo & Yasmin Angel






Mediterranean Sea, June 2004: the crew of the Cap Anamur encounters a boat with 37 refugees in distress. They bring them to the closest harbor in Sicily. As a result, the captain of the ship, the chief officer and the head of aid organization Komitee Cap Anamur are arrested, and the refugees are deported immediately.

Captain Stefan Schmidt tells the story. Various Super 8 images from his years at sea, newspaper articles, pictures and documents of the case paint a fragmentary reflection of the events and the border in the Mediterranean. A reflection from a distance.

about the author

Pablo Narezo und Maya Connors live in Hamburg, Germany and are studying at the University of Fine Arts. Yasmin Angel also began her studies in Hamburg and is now studying at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. This is their first joint film project.

Filmography of Yasmin Angel: To Be a Girl (2012), Auf dieser Seite (2012), Dreiviertelsieben (2012), Das Kreuzworträtsel (2010), The Fight (2010), The Joke (2009), La trampa (2008), Jan und der Spiegel (2006).

Filmography of Maya Connors: This is a Sacred Place (2011), Notizen zur Idylle (2011), In unserem Dunkel (2010), Finsterginster (2009), Blaues Brot Nr.11 (2008).