Andalusia, My Love! / Al-Andalus mon amour!

country, year

Morocco, 2011


comedy thriller

running time


directed by

Mohamed Nadif


Arabic, French




Said and Amine are two students from Casablanca dreaming of Europe. They end up in a small village in the North of Morocco. With the help of the schoolteacher, they leave for the European coast on a small boat. They are shipwrecked. The sea washes Amine back on the coast of the village and Said is washed away on a Spanish beach. Andalusia seems strange to Said. And in the Moroccan village, Amine notices strange things happening…

about the author

Mohamed Nadif started in drama as an actor and as a director before moving onto the cinema. After studying at the Institut Supérieur d’Art Dramatique et d’Animation Culturelle (ISADAC) in Rabat, he continued his training at Paris-X University where he got a post-graduate diploma (DEA) in drama and performing arts. He has had lead roles in several films and TV. He has written and directed three short films: The young lady and the lift (2005), The young lady and the teacher (2007), and The young lady and the school (2009). Andalusia, my love! is his first feature film.