And I Only Loved You … / And I Only Loved You

country, year

Romania, 2012


experimental video

running time


directed by

Daniel Djamo Nicolae






The video is an anachronic story, a song that I heard on a train, in Paris, in August 2011, sung by a Romanian beggar, on route to Bercy train station. He sings a sad love song, which I saw as a remark on his status. His words speak of sadness, remorse, and thus his story speaks of adaptation and, possibly, Regret of an inability to readapt (maybe to a physical space, like its homeland). It could be seen as an impossible return to something that one loves, but simply can not absorb once more. The images were taken on my way from Sibiu to Ploiesti (in Romania), from noon to afternoon, trying to return him to »the one he loved«.

about the author

Daniel Djamo is a visual artist born in Bucharest, Romania, on May 4th, 1987. He started taking photos when he was small with his mother’s Smena film camera and didn’t stop ever since. He came in full contact with the Romanian art scene in 2009, when he started his Masters in Photography and Video art, at the University of Fine Arts, in Bucharest, Romania (UNARTE). He left his job as a reporter for a Romanian sports newspaper in order to follow what he felt was right for him.

Filmography: Menu (2011), The fat lamb (2011), Untitled Syria (2011), Sorts (2012), The showroom (2012), The barricade (2012), Le noir subit (2012).