Paris is a moveable feast – A film in 18 waves / Paris est une fête – Un film en 18 vagues

country, year
France, 2017


running time

directed by
Sylvain George


Slovene and English subtitles

about the film
In eighteen sequences, Sylvain George, director of Paris is a Feast, captures the urban images of contemporary Paris. The city is depicted as a collage of images of police violence, revolutionary shouts, white roses, anger and revolt. The footage captures migrants caught on the streets and staunch protesters, rejecting repressive state policies, clashing with the police and turning their rally into an urban protest fight. In black and white images the director presents the city in a state that is anything but romanticized.


about the author
Sylvain George is a French director, writer and producer. After studying philosophy, law, political science and cinema, he devoted himself to creating poetic, political and experimental works, especially on the theme of migration and social movements. He makes radical films for informal groups or undocumented migrants, as well as more personal films opposing the unjust policies that are being implemented over our society and shape it.


festivals and awards
– Lima Independiente International Film Festival, Peru, 2017 (Jury Mention)

– Filmmaker Film Festival, Italy, 2017 (Youth Award)

– Paris is a moveable feast – A film in 18 waves (2017)

– Youssef, le vent la rage avant l’existence (2017)

– Joli Mai (Que ceux qui qui ont tué moins de cent fois me jette la pierre) (2016)

– Nocturne (2015)

– Nocturne Blanc chasseur (2015)

– Vers Madrid (The burning bright) (2014)

– The clouds (My black mama’s face) (2012)

– The outbursts (My mouth, my name, my revolt) (2011)

– May they rest in revolt (2010)

– The Impossible – Pieces of fury (2009)

– Ils nous tureont tous (2009)

– N’entre pas sans violence dans la nuit (2008)

– No Border (Aspettavo che scendesse la sera) (2008)