Newsreel 80 – Metka, Meki / Filmski obzornik 80 – Metka, Meki

country, year
Slovenia, 2021


running time

directed by
Nika Autor

Slovenian, German


about the film
The year 1968 left a permanent mark on over half a million Yugoslavians, among them Maribor-based Metka Autor, a Metalna worker, who left for Germany at 28 in hope of a better tomorrow. In the film, she reminisces about the experience of Maribor immigrant workers while preparing dishes. Newsreel 80 records the day-to-day life of this 81-year-old, who generously and welcomingly understands the hardships of contemporary migrants

about the author
Nika Autor completed BA and MA studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana and obtained PhD in Practice at Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Her work consists primarily of experimental videos and documentary films, film essays, photography, collages, drawings and spatial video installations. Nika Autor focuses on research of invisibilities/inaudibilities relating to to concealed subjectsof the past forgotten and the present silenced, in the form of production of particular images, specific constructions of collective memory and personal/oral narrative. Autor examines asylum and migration policy, workers’ rights and politics of memory. She has been a member of the collective Newsreel Front (Obzorniška Fronta), an informal circle of people engaged in the field of film theory and art practice.

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