Nadia at school in Iran / Nadia v iranski šoli

country, year
Slovenia, 2020

short documentary

running time

directed by
Maja Malus Azhdari, Nadia Azhdari

Slovenian, Farsi (Persian)


about the film
Nadia is half-Slovenian, half-Iranian. For one year, she goes to Iran with her family, where she joins the first graders at the local school. The documentary portrait of the 7-year-old girl shows that a Slovenian can also be a foreigner in a foreign country, who needs to embrace another culture and way of life: left-to-right writing, school uniforms, and headscarves. The short film brings the Iranian everyday-life closer.

about the author and filmography
As a director, Maja Malus Azhdari has filmed the documentaries Iran 1385 (2008), Slovenian Stories of Islamic Culture (2010), Beautiful Sex Life (2012), a 16-part documentary series about sexuality, City Folk Maribor (2011, 2012), City Folk Ljubljana (2013), and Voices of Fear (2015). She also co-directed Schengen Stories (2009). Maja also produced  documentary Balkan Courtains (2011), which was made at a creative laboratory for young filmmakers from different cultural backgrounds and explored the issues of  freedom of movement, visa permit, migration and the transition of the Balkans to the EU. Also, she participated in the production of several short documentaries (2001-2008) and produced  documentaries (2009-2014) at several workshops. Since 2012, she has been running the International Documentary Film Festival DOKUDOC in Maribor, Slovenia.

festivals and awards
FeKK – Short Film Festival
Dokudoc – International Festival of Documentary Film, Maribor
Festival poceni filma (Low-budget Film Festival)