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Slovenia, 2014



running time


directed by

Miha Erman


English, Slovene




The film explores the theme of migration in contemporary society. Visually, it follows the journey of one woman through several cities, combining this document with observations, reflections and theoretical discourse insights, contributed to by the women she encounters along the way – dancers, philosophers, social workers, business women. This film brings into question the position and perception of the migrant, both from the outside / sociological and the internal / psychological perspective. The visual narrative is intertwined with dance interpretations performed by female contemporary dancers from the performance group, Bitnamuun.


motions - dirabout the author

Miha Erman (1980, Ljubljana) is a multimedia artist who works primarily with film, performance theater, photography and sound. He studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. In 2003, he studied at Svenska Yrkeshögskolan, Nykarleby, Finland. He then completed a Master’s degree in film at the Ljubljana Film, Theater and TV Academy, where his interests were a fusion of sculptural qualities and film. Corporality and embodiment later remained the main focus of his work. He lives and works in Berlin and Ljubljana.

Filmography: Motions to Promised Lands / Premiki v obljubljene dežele (2014, director, DP, editing, sound), Art video Room With No Echo (2013), music video for E. Bergamnn (2012), After Running (2011, dir: Miha Erman, Maria Angerman).