Miles to Go Before I Sleep

country, yearrsz_milestogobeforeisleep_still4
Finland, 2015

short documentary

running time

directed by
Hanna Hovitie


Slovene, English


A young Congolese woman shares her story of becoming a victim of child trafficking and being thrown into a whirlwind of drifting between continents.

A story of a nomadic life and a broken identity. As Achat was seven years old, her parents sent her away from Congo to be adopted in France. After her adoptive mother’s death, years of ordinary life in Paris turned into a nightmare. In the film Achat shares her story of becoming a victim of abuse and child trafficking. Through twists and turns beyond belief, she is thrown into a whirlwind of drifting between continents.

rsz_director_hannahovitie_1003 about the author
 Hanna Hovitie was born in 1991 in Helsinki, Finland. In 2011 Hovitie was accepted to study cinematography and  editing at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki. During her studies Hovitie became fascinated  with documentary film-making and started working as an editor. In 2015 Hovitie graduated from Metropolia with  a Bachelor’s degree in Culture and Arts. As her thesis project, Hovitie directed her first film Miles to Go Before I  Sleep, a short documentary that was filmed partly in Zambia and partly in Finland.
Filmography: Miles to Go Before I Sleep (2015)

 festivals, awards
 Helsinki International Film Festival Rakkautta & Anarkiaa 2015, Terra di Tutti Film Festival 2015, Mosca –  Mostra Audiovisual de Cambuquira 2015, Pravo Ljudski Zoom Rights Youth Program 2015, Kasseler  Dokumentarfilm- und Videofest 2015, Verzio International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival 2015,  Helsingin lyhytelokuvafestivaali 2015, Luksuz Film Festival 2015, Filmschoolfest Munich 2015, Courts Devant Festival 2015