Longing / Längtan

country, year
Sweden, 2011

short documentary

running time

directed by
Mitra Sohrabian

Swedish, Farsi


about the film
Longing is a film about living in a foreign country far from what you have been used to. Feeling alienation and a longing to find home. It is about Aziz’s life in a small town in northern Sweden, where he finally found something that gives his life a mening, where he feels connected with the Swedish society. Longing is a film about hope but also about sadness, missing home and searching for contact and hope for the future. A film that, in its simplicity, shows what it is like to be a stranger in a country and a longing for the life one had had before.

about the author
Mitra was born in Mashad, Iran in 1957. She works full time as a film director, animator, documentary filmmaker, and artist in England, Iran and  Sweden.

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