In limbo: the refugees who wait in Belize / En el limbo: los refugiados que esperan en Belice

country, year                           
Belize, 2017

short documentary

running time

directed by
Andrea Patiño Contreras



about the film
With the most recent wave of violence in Central America, hundreds of families have arrived in Belize in search of asylum. The Belizean government has not granted asylum since the 1980s and says it is not prepared to do so. This family from El Salvador has waited for more than a year for the government and the local UNHCR office to offer a solution. They are getting desperate and thinking of fleeing to another country.

about the author
Andrea Patiño Contreras is a video journalist from Bogotá, Colombia. She is based in Miami where she works at Univision Digital News. She produces, shoots and edits short documentaries. Most of her work focuses on issues of immigration and the Latino community in the United States. Patiño has worked as an anthropologist and journalist across different regions, including the West Bank and West Africa. In 2015, she reported on the Mediterranean refugee crisis from Southern Italy. Recently she has been working in the United States and Latin America where she has reported on immigration and gender violence from Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Belize and the U.S.-Mexico border.

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