Invitation to participate in FMF 2014 film and video production

Invitation to participate in FMF 2014 film and video production



Slovene Philanthropy wishes to invite all individuals interested in migration, intercultural exchange and coexistence in multicultural environments to participate in the film and video production which will take place from February to June 2014 within Pankultikum, the platform for intercultural exchange


Who can participate?

Individuals with migrant background as well as individuals with strong personal and/or professional interest in the topics listed above are invited to apply for participation.

Candidates’ previous experience with film/video production is welcome, but not a necessary condition for participation.

All candidates can present their ideas for video/film projects as individuals or as teams (which can be complete or not at the time of applying). In case of incomplete teams the organizers will assist participants with complementary skills in formation of project teams.


What kind of video and film projects are we looking to support?

Only projects with a clear focus on thematic fields of migration, intercultural exchange and coexistence in multicultural societies will be considered for support in realization.

There are no limitations regarding genre, length or approach to realization of proposed projects.


What kind of support will participants receive from the organizers?

Participants will receive continuous support by experienced experts coordinated by Romana Zajec. The expert support will take form of thematic workshops and continuous monitoring of development of indivual projects in all phases of the production process.

Slovene Philanthropy will provide participants with all the necessary technical (filming and editing equipment etc.), organizational and promotional support.


How will completed projects be promoted among local and international public?

All projects completed on time will be premiered during the 5th edition of the Festival of Migrant Film in Ljubljana (12th – 20th June 2014). The best of them will also be screened in Amman, the capital of Jordan, as part of the cultural exchange with young Jordanian filmmakers and video artists and activits.

All completed projects will be published on the promotional DVD of the Pankultikum platform as well as on the Pankultikum web portal.

Participants will also receive support in applying their products to local and international film festivals.


How can you apply to participate in the Pankultikum video/film production?

If you have an idea for your own video/film project send us a short presentation of your idea by 31st January 2014. You can present your idea by answering the following questions:


1. Why are you interested in participation in the video/film production taking place within the Pankultikum platform?

2. Do you have an idea for your own film or video? If so, please describe it in no more than 10 sentences!

3. Please describe shortly any previous experience with video/film production or any relevant skills and knowledge you might possess!


Attention: at the present time it is not necessary for candidates to present  fully developed proposals for video/film projects. For the purpose of selection among presented ideas the organizers will consider originality of and feasibility of proposals. Participants will have the possibility develop their selected proposals under guidance of experts.

All candidates who will apply with their original project ideas will subsequently receive additional application form giving them an opportunity to present their proposal in detail.

If you do not have your own original idea for a video/film project but still wish to participate, please state in what role/capacity you would like to participate in realization of someone else′s project idea (e.g.: a story researcher, screen writer, actor, camera man etc.).


Any questions?

With any additional questions or comments you can contact Uroš Krasnik at, 031/340-606 or. 01/430 1288.



Slovenska filantropija



Film and video production within the PANKULTIKUM platform is finacially supported by:

Ministry of Culture of Republic of Slovenia through the European Social Fund



Anna Lindh Foundation


The Anna Lindh Foundation is an international organisation which promotes intercultural exchanges and common projects among the civil societies of the Euro-Mediterranean region.

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