I’m Here Now Somehow

country, year                   
Germany, 2017

short documentary

running time

directed by
David Regos

English, German


about the film
Aziz Dyab grew up amidst the violence of the war in Syria. Power outages were a constant and with no electricity at night, Aziz started developing an interest in space, watching the night sky. He longed for a peaceful life somewhere else. Finally the decision was made to escape. On the harrowing journey he used his knowledge of the stars to navigate his way out of trouble. Now in Germany, Aziz has been accepted into a prestigious university and his goal is to eventually work for a space agency.

about the author
After graduating from UC Berkeley, David Regos directed and produced the feature documentary Figures & Loops about the quirky world of artistic roller-skating. He has worked for ABC TV in Australia and travelled across the USA filming people’s inspiring “Aha Moments” for Mutual of Omaha. Recently he produced Divide In Concord about an 84-year old grandmother on a crusade to ban plastic bottled water, which won awards at film festivals around the world.

festivals and awards

Figures and Loops (2004), Divide In Concord (2014)