Hydrangeas in winter / Des Hortensias en Hiver

country, year
France, 2021

short fiction

running time

directed by
Hélène Rastegar

French, Farsi


about the film
Parvine is an Iranian refugee living in France where she takes care of Magda, an old sculptor who is gradually losing her eyesight. Haunted by her traumas and the loss of her lover, her relationship with Magda will help her find the strength to move forward.

about the author
The French director of fiction and documentary films with strong influences of Iran, the country of her father that he fled after the revolution. After studying cinema she participated in the creation of the short film festival Chacun Son Court in Strasbourg. This first professional experience gave her access to thousands of short films. Later, she started to make her own documentary and fiction films. For the past few years, she has been teaching film, fiction and documentary, in high schools and universities.

festivals and awards
Festival Vive Le cinéma (Lecce, Italy)
Festival Passions Cinéma (Ajaccio)
Festival des films de l’est (Strasbourg)

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Dreams in progress, 2019
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Hydrangeas in Winter, 2021