Honey and Old Cheese

country, year                    
Morocco, 2016

short fiction

running time

directed by
Yassine El Idrissi



about the film
A young Moroccan man is trying to find someone to take care of his belongings before leaving his village to emigrate to The Netherlands to join his father. Leaving the village isn’t easy, and it takes many years. When the moment of departure finally comes, he experiences feelings of doubt, reliving the memories of the past and facing the problems that lie ahead.


about the author
From graphic design to news photography, Yassine El Idrissi explored different professions before becoming a storyteller in film. But the power of images was always the common denominator. El Idrissi worked several years as a successful photojournalist until he found that in order to satisfy his urge to tell the stories of his home country Morocco, he needed to combine photography with cinema.


festivals and awards
International Film Festival Rotterdam, 2016

Waiting Fort he Snow (2009), Sled (2012), The Iranian Film (2014)